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Hand Luggage


The dimensions of Hand Baggage that would be applicable for carriage on Air India flights is as given below for both Domestic and International sectors on all AI / Alliance Air flights.

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 25 cms (10 inches) for Boeing & Airbus -Total of Dimensions 115 cms

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 20 cms (08 inches) for ATR/CRJ -Total 11O cms

The maximum permitted weight for Hand Baggage is 8 Kgs per passenger.


Children are entitled to the same cabin baggage allowance as adults.

When an infant (not entitled to a seat or free baggage allowance) accompanies an adult, a carrycot, or a fully collapsible push chair/stroller is allowed. This may be carried in the cabin if space is available, or else as checked baggage.

An odd sized cabin baggage not conforming to the specified dimension will not be allowed in the cabin. Such baggage will be removed and will be loaded in the hold, as per rules.

In addition to one piece of cabin baggage or package, you may also be permitted to carry one following personal item, subject to Security Regulations:

  • A Lady's hand bag.
  • An overcoat or wrap.
  • A rug or a blanket
  • A camera or binoculars
  • Reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
  • Infant's feed for consumption during the flight and infant's carrying basket, Feeding bottle, if an infant is carried.
  • A Collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or braces for passenger's use, if dependent on these.
  • A Walking stick.
  • An umbrella (Folding type)
  • Medicines required during Flight like Asthma inhaler etc.
  • A Laptop.

As per notice issued by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Government of India, passengers will not be allowed to carry in their hand baggage or on person- liquids, gels, or aerosols, which include beverages, shampoos, sun tan lotions, creams, tooth paste, hair gels, hair sprays, liquid cosmetics or any other items of similar consistency, exceeding 100 ml, except medicines, inhalers accompanied by prescriptions and baby food. These items will be carried in one clear transparent re-sealable, one litre size plastic bag and will be subjected to the prescribed screening and security checks


Due to security reasons / Government regulations, passengers travelling on flights originating from certain stations like Jammu, Srinagar etc. are not allowed to carry any hand baggage. Please check the current regulations of the station.

For a comfortable journey, we suggest that most items are placed in your checked-in baggage. Items of value /importance, those required by you on-board the aircraft or required in connection with the journey should be carried in your hand baggage or on your person.

Please check local regulations before your travel.

Carriage Of ‘kirpan’ By Sikh Passengers While Travelling By Air

A 'Kirpan' with a total maximum length of 9 inches (22.86 cms.), but a blade not exceeding 06 (six) inches (15.24 cms.), is permitted for carriage by a Sikh Passenger on his person, within India or on an Indian Registered aircraft on Domestic routes of fully Domestic Flights within India, subject to the requirement of a Public Order. (BCAS Circular 14/2005).

Carriage of ‘Kirpan’ shall not be permitted in the cabin of an aircraft on an International Flight, either on the domestic or international sector flown by the passenger. If the 'Kirpan' is more than the length specified above, it shall be carried by the passenger in his registered baggage.

Ban on Carriage of Lithium Battery Powered Self Balancing Devices in Passenger Baggage. For details click here

Prohibition on Carriage of E-cigarettes by Passengers and Crew in Checked Baggage into and from Singapore. For details click here

Hand Baggage allowance for travel to/from Canada.

Your journey between Canada and India may include travel on an Air India code-share flight operated by Air Canada. As carry-on baggage allowances are determined by each operating carrier, Air Canada’s allowance may differ from Air India’s. Please refer to :http://www.aircanada.com/en/travelinfo/airport/baggage/carry-on.htmlfor current Air Canada Carry-on baggage allowance.

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